Mubarak orders ‘easy’ rules for state land sales

At a Monday cabinet meeting, President Hosni Mubarak instructed the government to devise “transparent and easy” rules for the sale and purchase of state-owned land.

According to Trade and Industry Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid, the president also examined proposed development projects in the fields of agriculture and irrigation.

Meanwhile, Ugandan President Yuri Museveni, at a meeting with Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif in Entebbe on Monday, suggested holding a summit of Nile Basin countries to discuss outstanding differences over Nile water quotas.

“President Museveni told me he was keen on resolving this issue,” said Nazif, adding that he had welcomed the summit proposal, especially given that said differences were not “strategic.”

“The Nile Basin Initiative aims primarily at achieving development in the region,” Nazif explained. “We need to become more industrialized.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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