Muslims perform Eid al-Adha prayers at officially allocated plots, mosques

Muslims performed Eid al-Adha prayers nationwide on Monday, with many attending mosques and plots allocated by governorates under the protection of security forces, according to government sources.
The Eid celebration started on Monday and ends on Thursday, with Muslims slaughtering animals for family feasts and also for distribution to the poor.

Officials have released data on the numbers of mosques and prayer plots provided for the holiday, breaking the numbers down by governorate.

In the northern coastal governorate of Marsa Matrouh, thousands performed prayers at 57 plots and several mosques in towns and villages. The biggest gathering was at the Zaher Galal plot in the downtown area of Marsa Matrouh city.
In New Valley governorate, citizens prayed at 59 plots and 500 mosques. Citizens exchanged felicitations on Eid, with gifts distributed to children.
In Gharbiya governorate, citizens flocked to the plots allocated by Religious Endowments Ministry at Tanta stadium, as well as at Kubri al-Rabat in Mahalla. 
In North Sinai governorate, worshippers prayed at 36 plots and mosques amid tight security measures, with security forces wary of potential attacks by terrorist elements operating in the area.
Meanwhile, in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Qena, thousands of Muslims prayed at 5,000 mosques and 83 plots.
In Minya, the governor, Major General Essam al-Bedewy, performed prayers at the military high school. The Bedewy offered felicitations to the citizens and expressed hopes that safety and stability would prevail.
In the Red Sea city of Hurghada, Governor Ahmed Abdullah prayed among citizens, some of whom distributed presents to children.
In Beheira, Governor Mohamed Sultan performed the prayers along with the governorate’s security chief Alaa Eddin Shawqy at Damanhur stadium. Several religious and security leaders were in attendance.
In Assiut, hundreds of Muslims prayed at the squares and plots amid security measures, with ministry allocating 60 plots for prayers in addition to the mosques, playgrounds and youth centers.
In Beni Sueif, citizens prayed amid high security measures imposed by police.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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