Nasserist Party moves to quash discord rumors

Ahmed Hassan, secretary-general of the pan-Arab Nasserist Party, held a secret meeting on Sunday with party leaders and deputies to assign roles to Nasserist cadres in the absence of party president Dia Eddin Dawood, who is reportedly facing health problems.

The meeting aimed to resolve internal discord among leaders of the party in the wake of a recent conference on constitutional reform at which party leaders refused to sit next to one another, fueling speculation that the party was torn by internecine rivalries.

One source speaking on condition of anonymity said the meeting had also been devoted to discussing means of cooperating with other opposition parties and the Muslim Brotherhood opposition group in advance of upcoming national elections.

"We will field only three candidates in upcoming Shura Council elections," said Hassan. "We don’t have the funds to field more than this."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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