National Human Rights Council receives over 7000 requests to monitor elections

The Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has received 7168 requests from civil organizations to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled to start on 28 November.

Hazem Mounir, head of the elections department at the NCHR, said the High Elections Committees pledged to accept all the requests the department would submit.
He added that next Saturday would be the last day for submitting requests to the elections department and that 24 November will be the last day for the High Elections Committee to issue permits.
Mounir said the High Elections Committee "facilitates the process and does not create real administrative obstacles" against the NCHR elections department with regard to monitoring permits.
Mounir stressed that the High Elections Committee canceled a number of conditions for issuing permits, noting that it would allow civil organizations to be present to be at all stages of the electoral process in both Shura Council and People's Assembly elections.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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