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National Museum of Egyptian Civilization holds exhibition celebrating its 3rd anniversary

The CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat Ahmed Ghoneim, opened a temporary exhibition entitled “The Story of a Museum” in the Egyptian Textile Hall at the museum which will last for a month, in celebration of the museum’s third anniversary.

The exhibition displays a variety of artifacts discovered from the archaeological dye site and museum’s excavation work, as well as a group of the museum’s collectibles – displayed for the first time to the public.

The Executive Vice President of the Museum Authority for Archaeological Affairs Maysara Abdullah, said that among the archaeological collectibles included in the exhibition is a map from the book Description de l’Égypte, Part One, 1809AD edition showing the landmarks of Cairo and the site where the museum was built.

Abdullah added that the exhibition displays the invitation to open the museum, a group of gifts presented by official delegations, assorted documentary videos and photographs from the museum’s excavation work, the stages of its establishment, the opening ceremony and reception of the royal mummies.

It also includes pictures of the stages of preparation for the museum’s display of artifacts within its halls.

The exhibition also includes a collection of pottery, ceramic and glass vessels from different Islamic eras, a collection of seals from the Ayyubid and Fatimid eras, spindles and weaving combs from various eras, models of lamps from the Roman and Islamic eras, Coptic and Islamic sherds, and a group of amphorae and pottery from the late Roman era.

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