Nephew of Ben Ali’s wife reported dead

Tunisia's media reported on Saturday that Emad al-Taraboulsi, nephew of ousted Tunisian President Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali’s wife Layla al-Taraboulsi, died from his injuries. An informed source told the German news agency DPA that al-Taraboulsi, 35, died on Thursday in the Tunis military hospital.

Opponents described al-Taraboulsi as the “biggest symbol of corruption” in Tunisia, who ruthlessly exploited the former president's powers.

In 2007, France issued a memorandum for the arrest of al-Taraboulsi after he was charged with stealing a yacht owned by French businessman Bruno Roger, who has close connections with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

However, Tunisia refused to hand him over. Ben Ali, who fled the country on Friday after being ousted by a popular revolution, appointed al-Taraboulsi as municiple head of Halq al-Wadi, north of Tunis, in May. The decision was condemned by residents due to his bad reputation.

During protests in Tunisia last month, al-Taraboulsi’s family members became a target of public revenge. Tunisians regard Layla's family as the reason for the country's disasters and demand that they be tried and forced to return the money stolen from the people.

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