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Video: Netflix to present “Unknown: The Lost Pyramid” documentary in July

Netflix has launched the official trailer for the “Unknown: The Lost Pyramid” documentary, the first part of a four-film documentary series aiming to reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt and its archaeological treasures.

The movie will start streaming on July 3 on Netflix, and is directed by Max Salomon.

It narrates the journey of two senior Egyptian archaeologists, who set out to explore the  Saqqara desert, an area rich in ancient treasures.

Acclaimed Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass leads his team to uncover the long-lost pyramid of a forgotten Egyptian king, while secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri and another team embark on a daring mission to locate an undiscovered tomb in an ancient tomb.

The official introduction to the film takes a glimpse into the captivating race of two teams aspiring to make important archaeological discoveries, and takes viewers to sites that embrace the secrets of ancient Egypt, where valuable treasures lie waiting to be rediscovered.


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