New garbage system relies on collectors, says minister

Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Laila Iskandar has said that the new solid waste management system, set to be adopted by the ministry, relies entirely on garbage collectors. “We aim for garbage-free streets,” she said.

“Garbage collectors must feel proud,” she said, adding that residents of Cairo would be asked to put organic waste in one bag and solid waste in another for the garbage collectors to pick up from homes.

“The collectors would then dump each bag in a van painted with a designated colour for each,” she explained.

This came in a meeting on Tuesday with the minister of local development, the governor of Giza, the heads of the local councils, and representatives of the garbage collectors.

She also said the Social Development Fund would be asked to grant loans for garbage collectors to buy vans to help them efficiently carry out their job.

“The purpose of the meeting was to develop a scientific management system for solid waste based on successful experiences,” she said, adding that she is discussing the possibility of helping small businesses collect and transport garbage, recycle it and dispose of it. “We don’t want the big conglomerates to manipulate this industry.”

She said garbage should be ​​separated at the source in order to facilitate collection and transport. “We would thereby help the recycling plants produce organic fertilizers and alternative energy,” she said. “And we would also be creating new job opportunities.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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