Nour Party launches counter-terrorism campaign

"Egypt is stronger than terrorism" is a phrase that topped posters and banners for the Salafi-led Nour Party in a number of main streets in governorates as part of a campaign by the party following the terrorist attacks in North Sinai last Wednesday.
Groups of young members from the Nour Party and Salafi Dawah distributed flyers to cafes and on the streets to spread awareness of the seriousness of terrorism and to respond to jihad campaigns.
Chairman of Nour Party Younes Makhyoun said: "The campaign aims to deliver a message to the people to warn them of extremist ideas, alarm them against its severity, and instruct them to be vigilant and stand united to face the risks which threaten the state."
"The main reasons for the launch of the party campaign are the terrorist attacks, assault on human life and the series of organized sabotage attacks against state facilities and stability," he said.
Secretary General of the Nour Party Galal al-Morra said: "The campaign comes out of political responsibility and due to the party's sense of imminent danger, which aims to demolish the homeland through instability and insecurity throughout Egypt."
Honorary president of the Wafd Party Mostafa al-Taweel said: "The campaign is an attempt to ward off suspicions of (Nour Party's) support for terrorism over the past years, as there is evidence and confessions by terrorism suspects that they were linked to the Salafi Nour Party."
Masr Balady Party spokesman Mostafa Bakry said: "The Nour Party has to change its concepts before launching campaigns."
Hisham al-Haram, Secretary of the National Movement Party said: "We want to fight terrorism with deeds and not words. Nour Party has to purge its bases from extremist thought supporters."
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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