NSF won’t budge on conditions for dialogue with Morsy

The National Salvation Front said it would not back down on the conditions it set to participate in next week’s national dialogue with the president, which is intended to reach consensus between President Mohamed Morsy’s administration and opposition forces.

The conditions include: Forming a neutral committee to investigate all those involved in the killing of protesters; to form a neutral committee to amend disputed constitutional articles; to form a credible national salvation government to achieve the demands of the revolution; to completely retract Morsy’s 22 November Constitutional Declaration; to dismiss the prosecutor general; and to put an end to the widespread power of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they say has become the country’s sole administrator without any legal justification.

NSF spokesperson Ahmed al-Borai said the Salafi Nour Party would brief the front on the outcome of its upcoming meeting with Morsy, after which the NSF would decide if it would attend the dialogue.

“We must sense goodwill on the part of the president to agree to the demands of the political forces,” he said.

NSF youth, however, say that participating in the dialogue would be a betrayal of the revolution.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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