Nubians accuse Brotherhood of excluding them from constituent assembly

Nubian leaders in Aswan accused the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party of excluding them from the constituent assembly during a conference held on Wednesday to discuss Nubian representation in the body tasked with writing the constitution. The leaders threatened to internationalize the issue if they were not given proper representation.

The conference was held in Aswan by the General Nubian Union and a group that defends the rights of Nubians.

The participants stressed their rejection of the current makeup of the constituent assembly, saying it ignores both the principles of the FJP and the 25 January revolution and is based on the policies of the former regime.

Fawzy Gayer, a member of the group that defends the rights of Nubians, criticized the absence of Nubians in the constituent assembly and noted that the assembly has been rejected before even beginning its work following the withdrawal of secular, liberal and religious figures.

The participants said they reject the current makeup of the assembly, adding that they would not recognize the new constitution because they did not take part in drafting it. They said that Article 60 of the Constitutional Declaration, which authorizes Parliament to form the constituent assembly, is the root of the current problem.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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