OIC condemns Israeli strike on Port Sudan

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Monday denounced an air strike in Sudan which killed two Sudanese people on 5 April.

Sudan on 6 April had accused Israel of carrying out the air strike in Port Sudan, a major port located on the Red Sea. Its foreign minister said Israel carried out the attack to ensure Sudan would not be removed from a US-created list of states that sponsor terrorism.

The OIC, a Jeddah-based network of officials from Muslim countries, condemned the strike as a blatant violation of international law and the sovereignty of Sudan, which is a member of the OIC.

The OIC expressed solidarity with Sudan and condemned attempts at undermining the country's stability and security. It also said it backs Sudan in whatever procedures it will adopt to uphold its rights and protect its sovereignty and people.

The Arab League also condemned the attack, and its council issued a statement following an emergency meeting. It said the strike is a violation of the sovereignty of Sudan and undermines the security of its people.  

The council also called on the Arab League secretary general to coordinate efforts with the Sudanese government, African Union and OIC to submit a complaint against Israel to the United Nations.

Sudanese officials have offered different versions on how the strike was carried out. Police say a missile struck a car near the port city, but a state government official blamed a bombing by a foreign aircraft that flew in from the Red Sea.


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