Operating hours for LRT extended until 9 pm

The French company operating the electric train LRT (Light Rail Transit) decided to extend the train’s operating hours until 9 pm instead of 4 pm.

The company said that this comes in response to the desire of the passengers, as the working hours of the capital’s train LRT have been extended to be from 7:30 am until 9 pm.

The Transport Ministry represented in the National Authority for Tunnels, had decided to reduce the time of headway at the LRT electric train project to 20 minutes.

On September 17, the Transport Ministry, represented by the National Authority for Tunnels, began reducing the value of tickets by 30-40%, pending on the relocation to the New Administrative Capital.

The ministry said that the cuts coincide with the approaching start of the new academic year, the preparations of the various ministries to move to the New Administrative Capital and to serve train users who live in the new cities and east Cairo.

The LRT project is 105 km long and has 19 stations. The first and second phases were opened on July 3, 2022, at a length of 70 km and 12 stations.

The third phase is being implemented at a length of 20 km and four stations, and the fourth phase at a length of 16 km and three stations.

The project includes 22 new air-conditioned trains, each consisting of six coaches, providing the highest levels of service to the passengers.

The electric train ticket prices are:

1- LE10 for 3 stations, after it was LE 15.

2- LE 15 for 5 stations, after it was LE 20.

3- LE 15 for 7 stations, after it was LE 25.

4- LE 20 for 9 “complete route” stations, after it was LE 35.

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