Over 4,000 “Decent Life” projects executed over past 9 years in Upper Egypt

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi watched a documentary film on some development projects in Beni Suef during a visit to Sodos al-Omaraa village on Saturday, responding to an invitation by an elderly woman to the president to visit her house.

The film shed light on a number of development projects accomplished as part the presidential “Decent Life” rural development initiative, under which over 4,000 projects have been executed over the past nine years, changing the lives of citizens in Upper Egypt for the better.

The projects covered many sectors; such as agriculture, industry, healthcare, education, urban development, and culture.

Beni Suef has become the “pearl of Upper Egypt” thanks to the innumerous projects the governorate has recently witnessed, creating many job opportunities that ensure a decent life for its citizens, according to the documentary narrator.

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