Parliamentary election registration draws 1325 candidates on first day

The head of Egypt's High Elections Commission said Thursday that 1325 nominees submitted applications to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections on the first day of registration.

Ninety-seven nominees submitted applications for individual candidate seats for the Shura Council elections and 1228 for the People's Assembly, commission head Abdel Moez Ibrahim told reporters.

No political parties submitted their nominees for list-based elections in either house on the first day of the week-long process, he said.

Ibrahim said the election committees that received candidate applications began working on them at 9 am Thursday.

Hundreds of former members of the now-disbanded National Democratic Party lined up in front of election committee centers to submit their papers in various governorates.

No major alliances have emerged thus far, only individual candidates. Some political coalitions have said they have not yet finished their candidate lists.

Mohamed Abul Ghar, head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said the Egyptian Bloc will allow some parties to run candidates for single-winner seats.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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