Parties request ruling council to approve election supervision

Five political parties have asked the military council to approve international supervision of the next parliamentary and presidential elections, adding that such monitoring would not constitute interference in Egypt’s internal affairs.

“We want independent organizations that are not financed by governments to undertake that mission,” said Tagammu Party member Hussein Abdel Razeq.

Wafd Party member Yassin Tag Eddin said international supervision reassures political forces skeptical of elections.

“We do supervize elections of foreign countries,” said Nasserist Party member Mohamed al-Sayed Ahmed. “We should also be supervised, by the same token.”

Al-Wasat Party spokesman Tarek al-Malt said international supervision is a common practice that Egypt should recognize.

International supervision gives legitimacy to the elections,” said Front Party spokesman Nabil Rashwan.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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