MP asks Parliament to discuss kidnapping of Egyptian lawyer in Saudi Arabia

Parliament will discuss Monday a statement by Adl Party's MP Mostafa al-Naggar about the kidnapping of an Egyptian activist and lawyer who defends Egyptian detainees in Saudi Arabia.

The statement claims that the lawyer, Ahmed al-Gizawy, was abducted by the Saudi authorities while performing Umra, or minor pilgrimage.

"I'll submit tomorrow a statement to Parliament about the kidnapping of Ahmed al-Gizawy in Saudi Arabia, demanding information about the circumstances of the incident and an intervention to lift injustice off him," Naggar tweeted on Sunday.

According to the privately owned Al-Shorouk newspaper, Naggar referred in the statement to unconfirmed news that Gizawy was sentenced to one year in prison and 20 lashes for lese-majesty, which he considers a violation of Egyptians' dignity.

Saudi authorities detained Gizawy last Tuesday following a TV show on which he criticized King Abdullah for detaining dozens of Egyptians there.

His wife, Shahenda al-Gizawy — who was with him when he was arrested — said, "We arrived at Jeddah airport on Tuesday at 6 am. He was arrested and I was left free. I had to complete the trip with the group we were with. It's scheduled to return after the end of the Umra on 28 April."

She said that on their arrival they were surprised to learn that her husband had been sentenced to one year in prison and 20 lashes.

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