Pope Shenouda in good health, returning to Egypt

A Coptic Church spokesman said Pope Shenouda III will return to Egypt from the US on Monday to attend Epiphany services on 19 January.

Bishop of Shubra Al-Kheima and church spokesman Anba Morcos said the pope has completed the medical treatment he was receiving in the US and is not ending his 10-day trip because of the recent train shooting, in which one Copt was killed and five were injured.

Pope Shenouda will not attend Epiphany mass in Alexandria; instead he will attend the mass in Anba Bishoy monastery in Wadi al-Natrun. Another bishop will represent the pople at mass in Alexandria, as has happened before, Morcos said.

The Pope, who has repeatedly visited the US for medical treatment, will return on business mogul Naguib Sawiris' private plane with Anba Botros, Anba Yo'anas, and Anba Armia.

Morcos denied speculations that the Pope is returning early because of the train shooting in Samalout, pointing out that the Pope's remedial journey proved he is in good health.

The pope's medical condition is monitored by Dr.Maher Assaad at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Ohio. Examinations of his heart and kidneys all proved that he is in a good health, according to church sources.

While in the hospital, the Pope received Copts who wanted to make sure he is healthy.


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