Pope’s ordainment anniversary supercedes memorial for Maspero victims

The Maspero Youth Union canceled its Friday memorial service for victims killed during a Christian protest in Maspero because of preparations for the 40th anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s ordainment on 14 November.

Instead of holding a full memorial service, the union will conduct only the planned march from the Abbasseya cathedral to Tahrir Square along with several political gropus and public figures. The march will start from a side street next to the cathedral gates, proceed to the Coptic hospital where the victims and injured were treated and finally head to Ramses and Tahrir squares via Talaat Harb Street.

Mina Thabet, a member of the union’s executive board, said all Egyptian movements and unions as well as public figures were invited to participate.

Thabet said the union is also organizing a ceremony by the Nile on 17 November, 40 days after what started as a peaceful protest on 9 October turned violent, leading to the deaths of at least 27 civilians and one soldier. Participants will throw flowers into the river in front of the Maspero state TV building and sail boats with candles on them.

Bishoy Temry, one of the union's leaders, said the group will also participate in a memorial service called Friday of the Martyrs on 11 November along with families of those killed and injured. Participants will wear white, black and red. Organizers will not use religious slogans during the march, he said.

On Thursday, Copts in the United States will also march in front of the United Nations to condemn the Maspero violence, during which the military was widely reported to have opened fire on protesters and run them over with armored vehicles

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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