Port Rashid, the 1st integrated fishing port in Egypt at a cost of LE 600 million 

The fishing port in Rashid city is one of the largest national projects established in the Beheira Governorate.

It is the first integrated fishing port in Egypt and one of the recommendations of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, during the Youth Forum in Alexandria.

It is also part of the development system of Rashid city and in return will achieve a huge economic and developmental boom in the fields of fishing and related industries, in addition to providing all kinds of fish to traders and the general public.

The state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported Hesham Amna, Governor of Beheira as saying, that the project is located on the Nile branch in Rashid, and is built on 48,000 square meters with a length of 850 square meters.

The total investment costs for it amount to LE 600 million, and  will achieve a huge economic boom and will provide more than 5000 direct and indirect job opportunities to young people.

Amna explains that this project is an essential part of the developmental plan of the city of Rashid, in addition to revitalizing the fishing process, which is the main craft for most of the residents of Rashid, opening new horizons for work and creating organized markets for the sale of fish to eliminate a monopoly at the local level and instead paving the way for exporting to global markets.

The governor added that the port includes a maintenance berth for boats with a winch of 2000 tons. The port also includes 3 factories, including a fish canning factory, another for fishing nets, and a third for ice.

In addition to the establishment of 22 buildings for the marine industries, a special power station to feed the entire port: warehouses, a fuel station, a building of paint workshops, raw materials warehouses, a heavy equipment building, a customs building, a wholesale market and another for retail, maintenance workshops, a customs headquarters, a cooling station, and administrative buildings.

Amna continues that infrastructure works have been implemented, including sewage, electricity, utilities for the main streets and paving internal roads in the port, with investments of LE 100 million.

The Acting President of Damanhour University in Beheira, Abdel Hamid al-Sayed, believes that the establishment of Rashid fishing port is a good step by the state to further develop the Egyptian economy.

Hamdy Ghannam, director of a national bank, expressed his pride in establishing the largest integrated fishing port in Beheira Governorate, pointing out that he visited the project and witnessed for himself that all the workers at the site are racing against time to complete it ahead of schedule.

Walid Taher, a worker, said that he is very happy to work on one of the largest national projects with engineers and workers, and that he works with enthusiasm, calling on all young people in universities to organize visits and trips to visit these and more national projects: to witness what president El Sisi has achieved on the ground and to infuse in them the spirit of patriotism, belonging and loyalty to the country.

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