Preparations underway for ‘second’ revolution

The 25 January Revolutionary Youth Coalition and other political groups are mobilizing for what they called a “second” revolution on 27 May in Tahrir Square and other major Egyptian squares in order to demand social justice.

The Kefaya movement announced that it would take part, while the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood group said they reject calling it a second revolution, but would still participate to demand that Mubarak regime figures face public trials.

Group Shura Council member Karem Radwan said the Guidance Bureau would decide on Wednesday whether or not the group would participate.

“But we called for a demonstration on Tuesday to demand that the deputy prime minister and the governor of Alexandria be removed,” he said.

Meanwhile, bloggers launched an internet campaign to pressure the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to work in sympathy with the aims of the revolution.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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