President announces new power grids, encourages self-rationing

President Mohamed Morsy has ordered the construction of two new power grids in an effort to combat increasingly frequent power outages, said presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali.

Morsy’s official Facebook page quoted Ali as saying the president is following up on electricity issues. The president recently received a report saying that loads have increased more than 30 percent during Ramadan, straining the network.

The two new grids will help stop blackouts, said Ali, who added that the president was also calling on citizens to ration their own electricity use, ensuring that “a satisfactory level for everybody is reached.”

Egypt has been suffering frequent power cuts over the last few weeks. Many governorates have seen protests against almost daily blackouts, while some activists have called on people to refrain from paying power bills.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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