President Sisi orders integrated system for production of artificial limbs in Egypt

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday ordered the establishment of an integrated system for prosthetic devices and artificial limbs.
This came during Sisi’s meeting with Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, some government ministers and Defense Ministry officials.
The presidential spokesperson Bassam Rady said that the meeting discussed “following up the executive position for the establishment of an industrial complex for prosthetic devices.”
President Sisi ordered integrating the efforts of all concerned authorities in Egypt while bringing in foreign expertise in this field to transfer the technology and use the best international raw materials to obtain a high-quality product as part of the state’s new system for the local production of prosthetic limbs.
Sisi also directed to provide rehabilitation programs for training on the use of these limbs in accordance with the latest international standards, which helps to achieve the desired goal of providing a unified and integrated package of high-level medical services for citizens with mobility disabilities on a sound scientific basis.
This will help alleviate their suffering, empower them and employ their abilities to optimal use, and help them integrate within society.
Sisi also ordered the preparation of a comprehensive database the inventory of the number of people with mobility disabilities across Egypt. It will also help integrates all academic disciplines related to prosthetic devices and physiotherapy into the curricula of modern scientific colleges recently established by the government.
This will thereby create a technological incubator for the benefit of the industrial complex to be established for the production of artificial limbs.
The president was briefed on the current efforts to establish a comprehensive industrial complex for prosthetic devices, and movement aids in cooperation with international expertise and major international companies, as well as what has been reached through the specialized technical committees.
The meeting also reviewed the ongoing cooperation and coordination between the various stakeholders to study the numbers of people with mobility disabilities and the targeted quantities of prosthetic limbs, in addition to listing all components of the system from factories and local workshops for the supply industries, medical staff and technical labor, as well as international standards and the necessary technical and medical specifications.

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