Private security demand rose 50% during Ramadan

The demand for private security guards increased by 50 percent during Ramadan, due to increased instances of people breaking into hospitals and demanding treatment, particularly following accidents or fights, said head of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce's security department General Adel Omara.

He added that many hospitals were also subject to thefts during the break-ins.

Omara told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the demand for private security in the transitional period was not confined to hospitals, also encompassing factories, malls, trade unions and private homes.

Companies have come to rely on alarm systems that immediately alert security companies, as well as the Interior Ministry, to hasten the arrival of police in case of a break-in, he added.

Omara said that the department has not yet received any requests from the Health Ministry to secure major hospitals, following Health Minister Amr Helmy's announcement that an integrated security plan has been developed to protect hospitals against acts of aggression and violence.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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