Protesters: Ongoing smear campaigns reflect regime’s intransigence

Tahrir Square protesters expressed doubt about the sincerity of President Hosni Mubarak's promise to make constitutional amendments in light of the ongoing state-led "smear campaign" portraying them as "foreign agents."

"Our ultimate demand–the fall of the Mubarak regime–has not yet been achieved," protesters told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Amr al-Sowaify, a protester, wrote on a banner: "I did not take dollars or meals," referring to allegations by state media that demonstrators were being supported and paid by foreign powers.

Al-Sowaify said the smear campaign had only steeled his resolve to maintain the protest, since such behavior reflected the regime's continued intransigence vis-a-vis political reform.

Protester Ayman Mahmoud asserted that the regime could no longer be trusted, especially after attacks by government thugs that caused 13 deaths.

"The regime is responsible for the deaths of those innocent people. We will resume our protest and call for freedom," said protester Reem Islam.

Protester Hani Maher, meanwhile, said he had decided to return home last Tuesday, but bullying pro-Mubarak supporters on Wednesday provoked him, making him even more determined to see the back of the ruling regime.

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