Q&A with winner of women quota seat by acclamation

The following is an interview with Nermine Badrawi, the first winner of a female quota seat by acclamation.

Al-Masry Al-Youm: Did you expect to win the seat? And how did you receive the news?

Nermine Badrawi: I didn’t expect it that way, but I was certain of winning. I received the news with great happiness and I regarded it as a coronation resulting from all the efforts and services I offered during last elections in al-Haram district.

Al-Masry: How did you find the reactions after your victory was announced?

Badrawi: Everyone congratulated me and said “You deserve it!”, including those excluded by the electoral college. The contests among female candidates was more peaceful than those among the males.

Al-Masry: After winning by acclamation, will you campaign?

Badrawi: Of course. A winner by acclamation should obtain 10% of the votes across the governorate. In addition, I still regard myself as a candidate and I will start campaigning.

Al-Masry: You’re rumored to have won the seat by coincidence after media professional Farida al-Zomor was excluded for the National Democratic Party’s nominations because the party chose to support her relative in another district. What do you say?

Badrawy: I refuse this. I got the seat after a fierce contest at the National Democratic Party electoral college. I'm sorry for this and am ready to face anyone claiming such rumors. Anyway, successful people have enemies and I say this is a tax for my success as the first candidate to win a women quota seat.

Al-Masry: What will be your first issue to propose in parliament?

Badrawy: Opening a hospital for Shubrakheet villagers.

Al-Masry: What do you fear the most?

Badrawy: I fear nothing, or else I wouldn’t have stood for elections. I fielded myself in al-Haram district last elections. It was a fierce attack, but my courage pushes to me towards these ventures.

Al-Masry: Many people think women quota seats are appointments rather than elections. What do you think?

Badrawy: Absolutely not. I reject this description. Contrary to male candidates who stand for elections in definite districts, female candidates suffered a lot from touring across the whole governorate. However, we challenged the system and proved we are fit for representing our governorates.

Al-Masry: What would be the first woman issue you hope to take part in solving it?

Badrawy: Rapid judgments in personal status cases held at family courts.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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