Qena tribal clashes reignite

Clashes between the Ashraf and Homaidat tribes in Qena renewed Thursday evening after members of Ashraf attacked a taxi driver from the Homaidat tribe, and the Homaidat tribe responded violently.

Members of Ashraf tribe had blocked a road in the center of Qena looking for members of the other tribe, in spite of official, popular and military efforts stop the clashes.

Some Qena residents told the Masrawy news website that they heard intense gunfire near Sa’a Square in spite of the increased security presence, including army and police patrols.

Hussein al-Sayyed, who lives near where the incidents are taking place, said clashes erupted in a café owned by the Homaidat tribe.

Fighting first broke out between two rival tribes on Sunday, leaving at least 12 people injured. Each tribe kidnapped members of the other tribe.

Qena has recently witnessed a boom in illegal arms sales, according to media reports. Easy access to weapons has stoked tensions between tribes in the governorate.

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