Quicktel workers and Tosson residents protest

Dozens of workers from Quicktel blocked a main road yesterday morning in Masara, Helwan Governorate to demand the payment of money owed them by the company.

The Quicktel workers headed to the Nile Corniche where they obstructed the flow of traffic for ten minutes. Security officers forced the workers back to their factory and promised to intervene to help them receive their remuneration.

Meanwhile residents of the Alexandrian district of Tosson staged a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Agriculture Ministry to protest the demolition of their homes, which the government says were built on state-owned land.

The protesters once again hung up Ramadan decorations–earlier removed by security forces–and said they plan to hold a collective Ramadan iftar and organize a football tournament at the beginning of Ramadan.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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