Rafah terminal reopened after the weekend

The Rafah border crossing, between Egypt and Gaza, reopened on Saturday following its weekend closure.

According to officials at the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs in Gaza, scores of pilgrims are expected to cross the border on Saturday heading to the Cairo International Airport to travel to Mecca.
Hamas officials said that this troop of pilgrims includes families of Palestinian martyrs and also some prisoners who were recently freed from Israeli prisoners.
Since 28 May, Egypt has applied a new system for the Rafah border crossing, in which the terminal is being opened permanently and only closed on the weekends.
Rafah is one of two crossings through which Palestinians can exit Gaza; the other is controlled by Israel. Both crossings were closed as part of an embargo policy by Egypt and Israel aimed at cutting off Hamas.
The number of people having entered Egypt since 28 May through the Rafah crossing has reached more than 145,000.

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