Real estate tax workers demand fullfilment of 2007 promises

Dozens of members of the Independent Union of Real Estate Tax Collectors staged a protest to call for the fulfillment of promises made by the Minister of Finance dating back to when they protested in December 2007.

According to the protesters, the minister pledged to satisfy their demands in three stages. They say only one stage has been completed, and of the demands included in the second and third stages, only the establishment of a social care fund has been realized.

The union–established in 2009–is the first independent syndicate in Egypt. It was established after workers lost confidence in official labor organizations, according to its president, Kamal Abou Eita. Abou Eita said the Egyptian Trade Union Federation is part of the ruling National Democratic Party and serves the interests of businessmen.

The protesters said their protest was a “warning strike” to remind the minister of the promises he made, adding that if their demands are not met, they will start an open-ended strike that will only end when all their demands have all been satisfied.

According to a statement they distributed, the protesters want their annual bonus increased, a health care fund, a transportation allowance, an increase in funds allocated to the social care fund, improvement of working conditions, and fair appointments to senior positions.

Speaking during the protest, Abu Eita said the protesters represent all members of the syndicate across Egypt. He said a delegation of protesters will meet the Finance Minister to present their demands again.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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