Relatives of revolutionary martyrs block Cairo-Suez highway

Several familes of protesters killed during the 25 January revolution blocked the Cairo-Suez highway, north of the capital, on Monday.

The action was in protest at the release from detention of several officers accused of killing protesters and the postponement of their trial to 14 September, according to eyewitnesses.

Martyrs' families blocked the Cairo-Suez highway on their way back to Suez after the court hearing that took place in the Tagammu al-Khames District in Cairo in protest of the release of the officers on bail.

Following the judge's decision, several relatives and protesters broke into the court and threatened to burn down the Suez Governorate's administrative headquarters.

The relatives also threatened to prevent any policemen from leaving the building. They then proceeded to pelt police officers with rocks and attempted to destroy police cars parked outside the court.

Security forces helped the families and lawyers of the accused police officers to leave the courthouse, after which the martyr's families and protesters were removed from the court. Family members then attacked the policemen guarding the courthouse and threw security barriers into the road.

Nearly an hour later, they left by bus, chanting: “Watch and see what the people of Suez will do.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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