Revolution youth discuss Egypt’s economy with Qatari ambassador in Cairo

During a meeting with a delegation representing revolution youth at his office in Cairo, Qatari Ambassador to Egypt Al-Bu’inin said there is great enthusiasm from both countries to support Egypt’s economy, but translating it into action requires huge investments, not just organizing conferences and lectures.   

The ambassador said projects in agriculture, tourism, and industry should utilize Egypt’s incredible resources, in terms of the availability of water and vast lands that can absorb a large number of laborers. This can help Egyptsolve its unemployment problem and lead to a development renaissance.

Bu’inin welcomed the contribution of businessmen and Qatari investors to support and enhance the economy, saying the value of Qatari investments in Egyptis US$600 million.

The meeting touched on many of the issues regarding the country’s post-revolution future as the ambassador discussed economic, cultural, and social problems with the revolutionaries and how to address the mistakes of the old regime.

The youth delegation proposed organizing an economic conference to encourage Arab businessmen to invest in Egypt. The ambassador welcomed the idea but stressed the need to prepare feasibility studies for the development and investment projects available in Egypt.

Saad Ti’ima, a member of 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition and the coordinator of the meeting, said the coalition looks forward to inviting Qatari businessmen to invest in Egyptto enhance economic cooperation between the two countries and to supporting Egyptian labor in Qatarto increase the number of Egyptian workers there. Ti’im said that he is also looking forward to holding meetings with Qatari officials to exchange views on Arab issues.

Ti’ima added that the coalition hopes to stage an economic revolution to go along with Egypt’s political upheaval. Ti’ima said that under Mubarak, Egyptdistanced itself from Arab countries, especially Qatar, but that Egyptians appreciate the role of Qatar’s emir in supporting the revolution and the economy.

On behalf of the members of the delegation, Ti’ima thanked the Qatari government and people for their role in supporting the January 25 revolution, asserting that the youth will not forget this debt to Qatar, which occupies a special place in the hearts of the Egyptian people.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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