Salafis get government approval for political party

The Political Parties' Affairs Committee on Sunday approved the establishment of Egypt's first Salafi political party, named the Nour Party.

The party's application papers were submitted several weeks ago by Imad al-Din Abdul Ghafoor, one of the founding members.

The party will have the legal right to conduct politcal activities as of Monday, 13 June. The decision of the committee is to be published in the Official Gazette within ten days.

Among the party's members are a number of Salafi youth in Alexandria and several Copts and women.

This is the first time in the history of the Salafi movement that a group identified as Salafi has formed a political party. The idea of working through the party political system runs counter to the movement's ideology.

The Nour Party is the third party with an "Islamic reference" to obtain a license from the Parties Affairs Committee since the uprising. It was preceded by the Wasat Party and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

The party is the first of five potentially to be established by adherents to the Salafi faith. Another, named the Virtue Party, is expected to finish drafting its party program within the next week in preparation for submitting its papers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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