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Security forces investigate murder of family in Sheikh Zayed

‎‍On Friday, security authorities in the “European Rural massacre” in Sheikh Zayed City intensified their efforts to uncover the circumstances surrounding the death of a private guard of a farm, his two daughters and two granddaughters. While his 40-year-old wife escaped certain death.

The victims are Adel, 55, and his two daughters: Manar, 17, and Hana, 27, a divorcee, and their two children: Shahd, 6, and Marwan, 5.


Investigators ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death.


The investigation authorities examined surveillance cameras in the place, and summoned a number of relatives of the victims to hear their testimonies about the incident, and to ensure that there was no vengeful rivalry behind this mass murder.


According to the investigations, Mohamed, the guard’s eldest son, worried about his father after he called him several times and did not answer, so he went to the farm, where he made the gruesome discovery of the dead bodies and called the police.


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