Shark attack in Marsa Alam leads researchers to conduct study on changing behavior

A scientific research team of six specialized researchers from the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Hurghada and the Nature Reserves Authority have completed a study on shark behavior in the Fenston Reefs in Marsa Alam, following an attack on a German tourist.

The scientific team, assisted by sailors and divers, closely monitored dozens of sharks and recorded their behavior, gatherings and sizes. Primary focus was given to the oceanic white tip shark species.

The team also studied marine activities conducted in the area and identified the number of divers there daily.

The detailed report will be finalized in several days.

The team will submit it alongside several recommendations to the Ministers of Higher Education and Environment, the Governor of the Red Sea and the head of the the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.

A shark attacked foreign divers, accompanied by a guide diver, at Fenston Reefs in Marsa Alam, injuring a German tourist in her left shoulder.

The guide was able to pull the woman to the boat, and distracted the shark twice until the rest of the group was able to climb to safety.

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