Sisi Directs To Upgrade Maritime Transport Sector :Min

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has directed to develop the maritime transport sector with plans to change Egypt into a regional hub for commercial vessels from across the globe, Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir said.

Speaking to Sada El Balad TV channel, the minister said on Tuesday 14/5/2024 that a comprehensive development plan has been made to upgrade maritime transport and ports, the minister said.

The state also worked on developing quays, he said, noting that Egypt will have 100-kilometer quays by 2030.

The Minister pointed out that the state works on linking the zones of industrial and agricultural production with ports and roads, underlining the necessity for establishing dry bulk ports and terminals.

He also shed light on the progress realized so far in implementing the second phase of development work at Ain Sokhna port to increase its capacity to 60 million tons of containers.

The state works on building eight logistic areas in Sinai for Egyptian investors, he said.

A project will be also carried out to link between Taba and Arish ports, he said.

The minister said logistic corridors are very important for promoting trade and transport, citing several projects aiming to link between trade zones and industrial zones in Cairo, Giza and New Valley governorates.

He pointed out that he promised President Sisi to develop national companies to partake in different global projects.

The minister said that a number of national companies currently contribute to carrying out projects in many countries, noting that 15 Egyptian companies are now operating in Iraq, Libya, Tanzania, the UAE and Oman

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