Sisi: Egypt enjoys great opportunities in green hydrogen production field

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Saturday Egypt enjoys great opportunities in the field of the green hydrogen production.
Making an inspecting tour of the Military Academy, Sisi shed light on the importance of the green hydrogen that can be generated through solar and wind energies and then export it to Europe and other countries that need it.
He also noted that Egypt has achieved a political balance in its relations between the East and the West over the past years.
Sisi reiterated Egypt’s stance not to interfere in the current state of international polarization.
Egypt has good relations with the United States and the West, as well as good relations with the East, the President said.
If the current balance continues, we will be able to join the BRICS economic bloc, he added.
Our problem in Egypt is economic. If we, as a country and people, were able to overcome the crisis and achieve a strong economic position, we would be able to manage foreign policy better than that, he added.
At the Egyptian Military Academy, President Sisi spoke with female students. He advised them to organize working groups to consider the ideas they offered to him during their meeting Saturday and to forward their proposals to the Presidency after they have had a good understanding of them.
Sisi pledged that those proposals would be appreciated and taken into account.
The State always needs developing ideas, mobilizing efforts and energies, and achieving positive returns, he added.
The President commended any effort made for construction and reform.
He warned of the serious impact of social media platforms on the society. “We need to organize them to gain their benefits and avoid their harm.”
President Sisi affirmed the keenness of the Egyptian Military Academy to provide its best to various sectors to qualify and train its students, towards building a balanced personality.
He listened to several proposals from students and promised to study them.
Sisi asserted that the norms and morals culture is entrenched in communities through coexistence. He also pointed out at the roles of school, media, family and worship places in this context.
The president said that an electric grid between Egypt and Greece was established and another one between Egypt and Italy is being established.
He added that Egypt is exporting Liquefied natural gas (LNG) to northern countries that need natural gas.
The president also hailed the development and modernization of the railways in Egypt, noting that the Transportation Ministry spent around LE2 billion to develop the system.
Sisi also pointed out to the importance of the trilateral summit that was held in Al Alamein city between Egypt, Jordan and Palestine to revive the Palestinian cause.
He underscored the importance of reaching a solution to the conflict through the two-state solution as well as providing security and safety for both states.

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