Slovakia temporarily suspends grain imports from Ukraine

Ivana Kottasova in London

Slovakia has temporarily suspended imports of grain from Ukraine, a government spokesperson told CNN on Monday.

The decision was made after Poland and Hungary banned imports of grain and other food products from Ukraine following a surge in cheap goods.

“A working group will meet today to discuss this topic. The result of the meeting will be communicated later,” the spokesperson added.

Some context: Poland announced its ban on Saturday, aiming “to protect the Polish agricultural market against destabilization,” the Polish prime minister’s office said in a statement.

Ukraine responded to the move saying it “regrets the decision of its Polish counterparts,” adding it’s ready to cooperate with Poland in an investigation of any possible abuses.

Hungarian Agriculture Minister István Nagy on Sunday announced Budapest would temporarily ban the import of grain, oil seeds and other agricultural products from Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine it blocked ports and sea routes used to export Ukrainian grain to Africa and the Middle East. Fearing widespread famine, the European Union lifted duties on grain from Ukraine to ease distribution to those global markets.

Ukrainian grain has since flowed into Poland but much of it has remained in the country, bringing down the price and causing Polish farmers to suffer significant financial losses.

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