Sorour mediates lawyers-judges negotiations

Peoples Assembly speaker, Ahmed Fathi Sorour, met with President of the lawyers syndicate Hamdi Khaleefa yesterday and is scheduled to meet with Ahmed el-Zend, head of judges club, in an attempt to reach a compromise formula for the crisis.

After the meeting, Khaleefa said he previewed the judges club statements that are related to the lawyers syndicate and warned against being unable to control the 450,000 lawyers in case the crisis went on.

He also asserted that the syndicate has its own mechanisms through which it can reply to the club’s statements that described lawyers as a “renegade minority and terrorists.”

Khaleefa added, “We will not waive our request of having our immunity as judges have it [sic], so long as we’re partners in achieving justice.”

Montasser el-Zayat, member of the committee for defending detained lawyers, called on the necessity of solving this crisis. He also denied lawyers had apologized in order to have the crisis solved.

El-Zayat also said that lawyers will start escalating procedures across the country as protests and organizing marches in their black robes heading to Abdeen Palace.

In governorates, more than 500 lawyers had protested in front of Court’s president in Mahalla, asking for el-Zend’s apology for his statements. Heavy security surrounded the hall of Tanta’s appeal court presided by Hesham Eleiwa who ordered the two lawyers Ehab Saie Eddin and Mostafa Fattouh to be senteced to jail.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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