Spain investigates how Hussein Salem obtained citizenship

An Egyptian source following the Spanish government's investigations into Egyptian business tycoon Hussein Salem said it is investigating whether Hussein obtained his Spanish nationality through legal means.

The source, however, did not know what kind of punishment Salem could face if he is found to have obtained Spanish citizenship illegally.

According to the same source, there is no law obliging a country to extradite its citizens for trial in another country, which means Salem might not be returned to Egypt.

The Spanish judiciary is an independent authority, acting free from political pressure, which is why the Egyptian authorities are handling the issue with utmost caution, said the source.

The source also said that Salem is being kept in custody in a hospital, and has yet to pay his bail.

Meanwhile, scores of demonstrators gathered before the Spanish Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, demanding his extradition to Egypt.

“He is a criminal,“ said Riham Abdel Salam, one of the protesters. “But an embassy official told us Egypt did not submit sufficient evidence to Madrid for him to be brought to trial.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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