Suez workers storm governorate building over delayed payments

Hundreds of workers from Al-Masriya Trust Textile Industries stormed the Suez Governorate headquarters on Wednesday while protesting delays in the payment of their October salaries, as well as attempts by the company’s owner to shut it down.
The workers, who said their numbers stand at nearly 650, complained of low salaries and the management’s refusal to share profits.

The demonstrating workers crossed the barbed wire in front of the building and demanded to meet with the governor, who later agreed to a meeting with their representatives and their lawyer.

Ehab Amer, deputy director of the company’s staff union, said that the company’s owner, Ismail Mohamed Ismail, is seeking to liquidate the firm. He said Al-Masriya trust is one of the worst companies for workers’ rights.  

The Suez Public Prosecution has referred the workers’ lawsuit against Ismail to a misdemeanor court.

Ahmed Mahran, the lawyer representing the employees, said the referral was ordered after prosecutors heard the testimony of human resources manager Khaled Abu Bakr, who asserted that Ismail has taken several steps toward closing the company.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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