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Suspect in Habiba al-Shamaa death found to have had fake ID

Investigations into the driver accused of kidnapping Habiba al-Shamaa revealed that he had forged a traffic license so he could work for Uber after having been previously fired.

The Cairo24 news website reported that investigators found that Uber driver Mahmoud Hashem, who is accused of attempting to kidnap Shamaa, had two driver’s licenses with different national numbers.

One of these licenses had the same number as his original ID card, while he had a forged ID while driving Shamaa on the Suez Road.

Shamaa was 24 years old, a graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communication from the British University, and worked in the field of furniture and decoration.

The suspect is reportedly 34 years old and holds an industrial technician diploma in the refrigeration and air conditioning department.

He is married and has three children, the eldest of whom is in primary school.

Shamaa passed away on March 14 after falling into a coma that lasted for 21 days, which resulted from her jumping out of an Uber car when the driver had attempted to kidnap her.

The suspect earlier in March admitted that the victim was riding his car at the time of the incident, and as soon as he closed the car’s windows and sprayed an aromatic substance inside it, she jumped out of the car while he was driving at a speed of 100 km/hour and that he fled to avoid suspicion.

He admitted that he consumes the narcotic substance cannabis, as he took a dose of it before the incident and another after it occurred.


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