Teachers call for protest on Saturday

Egyptian teachers have called for protesting on Saturday at the cabinet building located on Qasr al-Aini Street in downtown Cairo.

Members affiliated with several education movements announced the plan on Monday on the Independent Teachers Syndicate’s (ITS) Facebook page, calling it a "reunion" protest.

The protest will resume previous efforts to sack Education Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin Moussa and purge the ministry of corrupt leaders, the members said.

The ITS called on teachers across Egypt to explain their demands to parents before participating in the protest.

In a statement on Sunday, ITS described teachers' battle for their rights as unprecedented and "historic."

"[Teachers] didn’t gather before these protests. They have strong wills. They will not feel desperate about demanding their rights," the statement said.

The statement said there are attempts to break teachers' unity through security personnel and others affiliated with the Education Ministry to ruin the protests and not achieve their demands.

“There are unpatriotic attempts made by the media to ignite strife and dispute among the people to prove the teachers’ uprising has failed,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Halawany, who is in charge of education issues at the Muslim Brotherhood, addressed the teachers' strike in a statement on the Freedom and Justice Party website Sunday.

A limited number of teachers participated in last Saturday's strike, he said, causing teachers to lose the public's sympathy.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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