Textile workers, physicians protest

More than 300 workers at the Tanta Flax and Oils Company demonstrated in front of the Gharbiya Governorate headquarters, demanding overdue salaries.

Security forces encircled the protesting workers and brought in vehicles to move the protesters away after their demonstration finished. The protest lasted for around four hours. A delegation of workers met with the assistant secretary general for the governorate, Major General Mustafa Badr.

Meanwhile in Beheira, hundreds of physicians and members of the nursing team at the National Medical Institute in Damanhur organized a second protest against a decision by Dr. Mortaga Negm, secretary of the General Authority for Hospitals and Educational Institutes, which allowed the return of Dr. Abdel Hamid el-Tewi, former director of the institute, to his position–replacing Dr. Hani Qutb, who was put in charge of the hospital after the departure of el-Tewi.

Dr. El-Tewi had been removed from his position after slapping Youssef Ghanem, a member of the governorate local council, in the face during a session of the Health Committee.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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