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Top 8 tips for shopping downtown

Downtown is a culturally rich part of the city, but it is also shopping heaven for those who are looking for top merchandise. If you are hitting the city center for a shopping spree, make sure to keep the following in mind:

One: Leave your car at home and take a taxi. It is almost impossible to find a parking spot downtown unless you find parking space in ‘Garage al-Opera.’

Two: Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers because you are in for a long walk.

Three: If you are looking for clothes, then hit Qasr al-Nil and Sherif Street. You will definitely find what you are looking for there. Most merchandise is high street fashion either made in Egypt or imported from Turkey. Shawarby Street offers you an array of knockoffs imported from China, mainly jeans and shoes. Carina has a store there as well. A kiosk at the beginning of the pedestrian area has a large collection of head scarves.

Four: Do not ignore the public sector shops like Salon Vert. Most of these outlets have rented half their space to other companies offering more options to buyers.

Five: Do not be fooled by window displays, as most items will not be available inside the shops.

Six: Another thing worth mentioning — you are unlikely to find smaller sizes (34-36 EU) in most shops.

Seven: If you are looking for shoes, then Talaat Harb Street is your destination. Items there are even cheaper then Qasr el-Nil and Sherif. Yehia Mega Store is the biggest shop for shoes on that street and offers the widest collection for women and men’s shoes.

Eight: Talaat Harb Mall is more of a hangout then a shopping destination. The ice cream shop and the café are the most visited places inside the shopping center. If you want accessories, Set el-Banat is a small shop within the mall that sells make-up and hair accessories.

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