Tourism Min. Inaugurates Ramla, Al-Haddad Towers at Cairo Citadel

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa opened, on Sunday 18 February 2024, Ramla and Al-Haddad Towers at Cairo Citadel following the completion of restoration operations.

The opening of these unique archaeological sites at the Citadel will promote the cultural product of Greater Cairo, make Cairo an independent tourist destination, up the average number of tourist nights and increase one-day trips.

The restoration of the two towers came within the framework of implementing one of the axis of the National Strategy for Developing Tourism the minister of tourism and antiquities has launched namely, improving tourism experience for tourists.

Ramla Tower, built during the era of Sultan Al-Nasser Saladin Al-Ayyubi (1174-1193) is in the shape of a three-quarter circle and consists of two floors. Each floor has a base on which three cubits are perpendicular, with each cubit having an arrowslit.

The tower was expanded during the era of Sultan Al-Adil Al-Ayyubi (1200-1218), so the arrowslits were turned into door openings leading to rectangular rooms covered with vaults, each room ending with an arrowslit opening.

Al-Haddad Tower, one of the largest towers of the Citadel, is also in the shape of a three-quarter circle. It consists of a perpendicular base with a shield in the middle covered by a crossed vault. It has three cubits that end with embellished openings. Then two embellished openings turn into two doors that lead to a corridor in the form of a semicircle covered with intersecting vaults.

The citadel has 12 additional towers, but they are currently closed.

The two towers include cleaning the stones, replacing damaged stones, maintaining the stone stairs, establishing balustrades to protect visitors, as well as maintaining the stone floors in preparation for including them in the Citadel’s itinerary.

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