Turkish ambassador: We won’t impose our model on Egypt

Turkey's ambassador to Egypt on Monday said the nation won't impose its own reform model on the region, adding that he believes Egypt can create is own unique model.

Ambassador Huseyin Avni Botsali told reports that the world will now respect Egypt and its free will, which granted Egyptians freedom. 

"Reform will not be easy," he said. "You all have to know it's a long, hard way. But, as we know, you're able to achieve your goals only if you focus on reform and progress."

Another Turkish official, Semih Lutfu Turgut, said last month in press releases that the concepts of a Turkish democratic model cannot be implemented in Egypt because Egypt has different circumstances. 

For instance, Egypt has a presidential system and Turkey has a parliamentarian one, said Turgut, the Turkish consul-general to Alexandria. 

Despite similarities between Egypt and Turkey, Turgut said the Turkish model cannot be achieved in any other country–only analyzed and applied to other countries according to their unique circumstances.

Translated from the Arabic edition

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