Two Egyptians arrested in Milan for organizing irregular immigration protests

Assistant to the Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, Egyptians Abroad and Refugees, Mohamed Abdel Hakim, on Thursday said Italian authorities in Milan arrested two Egyptians for orchestrating demonstrations over irregular immigration policy.

Immigrants of various nationalities recently ordered to leave the country because of illegal residency were among the rallies' participants.

"Italian authorities ruled to deport the Egyptian citizens and return them to Egypt this evening," Abel Hakim said, while urging Egyptian residents and expatriates abroad to respect the laws of host countries.

The soon-to-be deported Egyptians are Mohamed al-Haga, 28, and Mohamed Shaaban, 20.

Abel Hakim said the Italian Interior Ministry has issued several recent resolutions ruling to enforce immediate arrests of those who have been served deportation orders. These rulings apply to all participants in the irregular immigrant demonstrations.

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