Ukraine’s defense minister says Western officials told him their military support “will never stop”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said Western defense officials told him their military support for Ukraine “will never stop.”

In an exclusive interview, Reznikov told CNN that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and other Western officials said: “Oleksiy, don’t worry, we will not stop. We will continue help your country, your people, and your president,” he said.

“I heard it yesterday and I felt it absolutely honestly, I saw the eyes of Lloyd Austin for example … I saw the real understanding that they will never stop,” Reznikov said, when asked if long-term US commitment to Ukraine is sustainable.

He said US and Western pledges are not just for military support but also financial, economic, and political.

“I think they [Western allies] have decided that they want to be partners in this victory,” Reznikov said. 

The Ukrainian Defense Minister told CNN Western allies now understand that the idea of not provoking Russia to avoid conflict does not work.

Russia is now considered to be an adversary rather than a strategic partner by NATO, he said.

“I am sure that Russia is the main threat for NATO, EU countries, and main threat for the world security system,” he said.

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