Verdict in ‘typhoid’ case delayed to next month

Qalyubiya–A court on Thursday postponed until 4 March its final verdict in the ongoing "typhoid" case, in which nine officials in the Nile Delta village of El-Baradaa have been charged with causing the pollution of the village’s drinking water.

At a session held amidst heavy security, the court allowed only the defense team to attend and barred all reporters and media personnel. During the session, prosecutors altered the charge leveled against the defendants from "accidental injury" to "negligence."

Defense team member Hussein el-Borei submitted a report by the Health Ministry confirming that the village’s water supply was still polluted.

On the same day, Adly Hussein, governor of the Nile Delta province of Qalyubiya, sent the provincial district attorney a report–prepared by the assistant housing minister–challenging the assertion that the water was tainted.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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